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The QIP Logo


Arthur M. Schneiderman

In early 1990, I developed a logo or symbol to capture the key elements of the Quality Improvement Process or QIP.  I used it as an "index tab" when presenting the Analog Story.  It starts with a set of long term strategic goals that are linked to a subset of critical process measures (which I called "metrics") through scorecards.  The metrics are improved using modern problem solving methods applied on a project-by-project basis.  The project focus on process improvement was central to Juran's model for Quality Management.  But for this approach to work, the organizations culture had to be modified to accept aggressive non-financial long-term goals and to embrace universal use of new problem solving approaches applied by empowered, cross-functional teams.  At the center of this logo I placed information support (IS).  It was there to emphasize the role key role of data as the cement which binds the QIP elements together.

Click on the elements of the logo to get my current explanation of it and then click at the top of each screen on "next" or "previous" to move around the logo or "up"  to return here.  Contemporaneous explanations of the logo can be found in the transcripts of my ADI Story presentations (see for example January 1989 APICS/Babson presentation with transcript). 



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