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The Art of Process Management

"God is in the details."  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), German American architect

"The devil's in the details."  Admiral Hyman Rickover (1900-1986), Father of the US Nuclear Navy

Who is right, the artist or the engineer?  The right brain or the left?  The answer lies ... in the eyes of the beholder.

This section contains short essays on subjects related to process management.  I hope that they will represent new perspectives on timely issues.  If they generate constructive discussion, my goal will have been met.  Also, the title of this section is intended as a pun.  My bias here is toward my personal views on the subjects, and they may not pass the test of scientific scrutiny.

Current Issue

The Balanced Scorecard: An Approach for Linking Strategy to Action ... or is it? ( posted 6/2/03)

Past Issues

Must Your Scorecard be Balanced? (posted 12/29/00)

Selecting Scorecard Metrics (posted 10/5/00)

The Fifth Fitness: a New Quality Dimension (posted 9/5/00)

Juggling Balanced Scorecard Metrics (posted 10/18/99)

Q: When Is Six Sigma Not Six Sigma?  A: When it's the Six Sigma Metric! (posted 10/15/99)

Want To Be On Time?  Better Get There Early! (posted 9/6/99)

Measuring Organizational Learning (posted 8/17/99)

Why Do Root Cause Analysis?  (posted 8/8/99)

Coming Attractions

The Power of Negative Thinking (i.e. Weakness Orientation)

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