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My Training and Education in Process Management

Over the years I have had the great fortune of attending numerous seminars and workshops related to process management and in particular Total Quality Management.  In several cases, I have developed an ongoing relationship with these individuals.  Below is a listing of those that have had the greatest impact on my approach to the subject:

W. Edwards Deming

       4 day course on Japanese Methods for Productivity and Quality, taught by Dr. Deming

Joseph M. Juran

       4 day course on Management of Quality, taught by Dr. Juran and Mr. Gryna


       1 day course on Upper Management and Quality, taught by Dr. Juran


       2 day course on Planning for Quality, taught by Dr. Juran

Cambridge Corp.

       2 week Seminar and Plant Tour, in Japan, to study productivity of Japanese industry.  Tour led by Massaki Imai (author of Kaisen.)  Met with Dr. Ishikawa (the leader of the Japanese quality movement and the inventor of the cause and effect diagram) and Mr. Ohno (inventor of just-in-time and kanban)


       4 day seminar on Company-Wide QC and Quality Deployment


       3 day workshop seminar on QC Skills and Tools


       2 day course on Quality Function Deployment taught by Bob King


       2 day course on 7 Management and Planning Tools taught by David Ginder

Oliver Wight Co.

       3 day class on MRP II: Manufacturing Resource Planning for Top Management, taught by Walt Goddard.

Center for Quality Management

       5 week design of the Center for Quality Management led by Professor Shoji Shiba.  Included visits to several Deming Prize and Baldrige Award winning companies.


       1 week workshop in Japan on TQM Applied to the Engineering Function led by Professor Shoji Shiba.

Dorian Shannon

       Design of Experiments


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