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What's New on My Site and in My Work?


I have two forthcoming articles:

"Setting Goals the Half-Life Way", Encyclopedia of Social Measurement, Academic Press, to be published in Fall, 2004.

The Half-life Method is a normative model for predicting the rate of incremental improvement of non-financial performance measures.  It can be used both as a diagnostic tool and for goal setting purposes.  Because it identifies the fastest rate at which a measure can be improved using current incremental improvement tools and methods, it is particularly valuable in testing the achievability of strategically significant Balanced Scorecard goals without major process redesign/reengineering or outsourcing.

"Cultural and Structural Requirements for a Successful Balanced Scorecard", MBA in a Box, Crown Publishing, to be published in Winter, 2004.

The BSC, like any change initiative must satisfy a general set of requirements shared in common by any change initiative as well as those unique to it.  This article describes seven general cultural requirements and seven more BSC specific structural requirements that must be satisfied for successful implementation.

Please contact me if you would like me to email you a preprint.


I served as the Subject Matter Expert (SME)* again on the APQC's last Balanced Scorecard Consortium Learning Forum.  You can learn more about it by visiting their website (you may have to register first on their homepage).  We identified and documented the various ways that the BSC was being used by visiting five best practice companies selected by the sponsors, and putting what we learn together in a Knowledge Transfer Session and Final Report.  I've summarized some of my learnings in The Art of Process Management section.

I've had several requests from people to notify them when there are major updates to this site.  If you would like me to do that for you, please e-mail me your request (directly or through the feedback form) along with your e-mail address.  Your name, organization and address would be useful, but is not required.  I will only use your e-mail address for this purpose.

*for which I am compensated based on the number of sponsors, so this is not an impartial endorsement.

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